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Fun & Creativity

Indoor Play

circle-time, Lincoln Logs, Kids-K'nex,  play food, interactive stuffed animals,
animals/dinosaurs, trains, balls, dolls and
Barbies, various learning toys,  various
games, Mr. Potato Head, bean bag toss, blocks, beads and
string, play dough, board games, puppets

Music & Movement

and dancing, singing , musical instruments, song games, and sing along books tumbling exercises, dress up,Simon-says,

Learning Activities

books and story-time, puzzles, flash cards, science, board games, arts and crafts painting and coloring

Outside Play

climbing, sliding, jumping,
running, balls, jump rope, racing, water balloons, parachute,
catch, bubbles, follow the leader, squirt bottles, ride-on toys,
wagons, tunnels, safe water toys, various games, water table,
painting, exploring nature/weather, soccer, and yes falling.

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