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Diverse Learning Environments

Image by Bernard Hermant


Throughout each day we practice on reaching, grasping, rolling, sitting, crawling, standing, walking, climbing, throwing, catching, kicking, cooing and talking; whichever developmental stage your child happens to be in at the time. 


The Toddler is the transition stage so we will incorporate actives from both infant and preschool for a healthy and smooth transition into preschool age. 

Acrilic Paints


We use a theme-based curriculum
implementing the teaching strategies from the Creative Curriculum. Literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts, and technology are presented in each interest area. In addition to the materials in the interest areas, I also use the Project Approach.
The Project Approach builds on children's curiosity, enabling children to interact, question, connect, problem-solve, communicate, reflect and more.

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